Have you ever been so demotivated, and you just don’t want to do anything, although you have some plans and to do list? 
Then you try to find motivational quotes on the internet, but end up getting distracted by it for the rest of the day, until you will say the old same excuse: I’ll do it tomorrow.

In my experience, I even lose motivation in doing what I love such as writing, many times. I just can’t write, although I have thought of many cool ideas and stuffs.

Now let’s try some great tips on motivation which I got from Stephen McCranie, the author of popular webtoon called Space Boy. He says the key to finish every task and overcome challenges in life is “Gamification”. It’s about using the same principles that make games fun so we can make work fun! This is exciting because if you can make something fun, you can get it done.

First, you need to know the rules to win. You need to know your plan and the more specific your plan, the more motivated you will be! For me, it’s about knowing myself more and prepare strategic and back up plan so I won’t fall into procrastination. 

Most of the time we tend to rely on willpower, which is only happens in our mind. But a book will not be done by just thinking about it. We don’t need to make everything complicated and distracted by our own mind. Instead, we can train our mind to be resilient against any distractions. Don’t rely on willpower, but use all of your skillpowers. 

For example, after having learned about my problems on writing, I came up with my own gameplans. I usually just write outlines of what I want to write, then I’ll let my skillpowers do the task, be it my knowledge from writing courses, vocabulary-memorizing, and fast-typing. I use my skillpowers as my allies, so I won’t be outnumbered by distractions. But if the distractions can defeat my allies, I already have my back up fortress. It’s the list of reasons to change my life, that I created by myself because I need them to be relatable with my situations. They could be silly, like “I want to give a speech to million of audiences”, or “I want to collect many moments of victory in my life.” Using all of your skillpowers and gameplans will help you to believe more in yourself, so you will not be defeated by distractions. 

Secondly, if fun is to flourish, it needs constraints. The more constraints we place on something, the easier it is to see what is at stake and what we must do. And that is incredibly motivating. 

‘By making my progress tangible, I had tapped into the power of real-time feedback. In a game, a scoreboard makes progress tangible by tracking the points. Athletes need only glance at the scoreboard to see how close they are to winning. Build some kind of scoreboard to track how close you are to reaching your goals. Updating a log chart or excel sheet can give you real-time feedback on your progress and be quite encouraging!’

A practical boundary to put on a project is a time constraint. A deadline is a type of time constraint, but often we set deadlines so far into the future it takes the fun out of work. “Why work now? I’ve got two months left.” However, Who would want to play a two month long basketball game? Isn’t basketball most exciting with only two minutes left on the clock? Or two seconds?

Stephen recommends trying a smaller time constraint. Whisper to yourself, ‘On your mark, get set, GO!” and start the clock. Race to finish that task before the buzzer sounds! 

Just focus on small time tasks, 30 to 60 minutes to 2 hours, and doing the best today  so you won’t be overwhelmed by all the big resolutions. Therefore,  at the end of the year you will see all of your ‘done today’ coins in one big jar and you’ll say you made it! Let’s not count the days, but collect every great moment this year, so we won’t be asking “where have the days gone?” anymore. Happiest new year to you all!


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