Kimi no Na wa, a heart-clutching adventure of finding the ‘star’


Image: IMDB

I’m so excited to review Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) because it’s another Makoto Shinkai’s movie which is currently topping the Japanese box office.

Since I’ve watched Shinkai’s most popular work, 5 Centimeters Per Second, I always consider his films as visually sumptuous with beautiful sceneries. They always look real and picturesque, and hit me in the feels department. No wonder I found that some reviewers called Shinkai’s films as “5 Wallpapers Per Second”

Kimi No Na Wa depicts a strange story of body swapping. Usually, the audience might think that the story will be developed into romance connection between a boy and a girl. But this ain’t the same. Because the girl, Mitsuha, lives in a beautiful small mountain town far away from Tokyo, where the boy, Taki resides. The mysterious body swapping lead them to a journey of knowing each other, beautifully crafted with elements of history, culture, even astronomical (you can see from the comet on the poster).

The story pacing is a lot faster than other Shinkai’s films, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 1,5 hours of this masterpiece. While some reviewers stated that the film was overrated and just another eye-candy piece, I think the vividly-splendid visual plays a big role in touching the audience. The small city of Hida, which is located in Gifu Prefecture and was used as the inspiration for the location of Mitsuha’s small town, is now being visited by tons of the film’s fans.

There might be some questions left unanswered, but I prefer to enjoy how they adorably becoming to understand each other by leaving messages on a note, a smartphone, even writing on their hands (because the body-swapping occurs randomly, after they fall asleep). I must say that the title, Your Name, says it all: it catch your interest, and once you unfold it scene by scene, you will experience a heart-clutching adventure of finding the soulmate.


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