I always preach to myself, that being strong is the only choice I have.

But your ‘smiley face’ is all I need to create tsunami in my mind, crashing down all these huge corals of numb emotions. 

Suddenly your absence brings back my ability to feel loneliness — after years of consuming the darkest nights, and impulsive ambitions to fill up my cup. 

And here I am, wishing that it would be easier if you’re just what they call perfection. Wondering what it would be like, to get bored of you. 

I may tell you jokes and pretend that I am immune to the ‘unrequited virus’, but I am dying inside, and the only cure is a late-night-call with you. 

And here I am, holding an umbrella under the rain of gasoline. After you set my heart on fire.

#poetry #bookproject

Gosh I finally made it! I am such a big fan of Troye Sivan and his new EP, literally driving me WILD! I love all the songs but my favorite is FOOLS, which stuck in my mind and this piece is a kind of fanart for him.


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