Happy Birthday, Grumpy.


“Hey, why did you reject all of my ideas about your birthday party?”

“Why should we throw a party? You know we’ve never done that. It’s just me getting older. I just wanna make it like any other day.”

“You’re being emo and lame.”

“No, I am a nerd and I appreciate life in silence. The point is, what’s the matter with you? You’ve been fidgeting all day. Do you wanna say something? Do all of these shitty party ideas have something with that?”

“Well, yeah… I don’t want to be rude… But, if you think today is just an ordinary day… I might as well say it. I want to break up with you.”

“What? Why?”

“I thought I loved you. But… I don’t.”

“I thought you were the one…”

“I am sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. For all these years, I thought I could tame you.”

“I am not the one with bad habits here.”

“Before we continue the list of things we hate about each other, I must say that… There were moments when I could picture myself spending the rest of my life with you. I know it doesn’t matter anyway, but at least I try to avoid drama in my birthday through reminiscing the good old days.”

“Shit. You’re not playing as victim here, right?”

“Definitely not. Don’t take it personally. It’s just my way to wipe negativity in my life.”

“Why don’t you want to celebrate your birthday?”

“I hate it. I just want to be 25 forever.”

“That’s something you can’t do about. Just live it out. How about you and I, go to a fine diner near here tonight, and we can talk about everything, about why you always have a second thought about everything, about your anxiety of the future, about a past moments that you’ve been hiding from me all these years?”

“But you said you wanted to break up with me…”

“Yeah, we will do that like our first date. As strangers again. I want you to be more adventurous, worry less and smile more. But because you hate about getting older, you’re being skeptical and miserable. I miss the old you, the one that I used to fall in love with.”

#birthday #flashfiction #bookproject


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