“I believe to make good art, you must experience pain. “

“Why? Many people can create brilliant art when they’re in love.”

“Love and pain are private experiences, but pain is more honest. When you’re in love, you tend to preach, you are in a higher place than your readers. When in pain, you’re in the chasm of your heart. You’re longing for recovery, not attention.”

“So… what you’re trying to say is… there is always a pure art where pain presides…”

“Yes. And it comes in many forms – loss, trauma, despair, but mostly it takes dull colors.”

“How about… an uncertain future?”

“Sounds good. And what color do you see?”

“Only white. Like a kind of… ghost. But it doesn’t scare me, it drives me wild… and crushes my soul at the same time.

And I’ve just realized, there is also an art to releasing that kind of pain.”

“What is it?”

“The art of letting you go. Cause I don’t want to be haunted anymore. Cause I don’t want to take the blame all by myself. Cause eventhough you left a big hole in my heart that freezes it out, my knee buckles everytime I see you. Please… just disappear, and set me free, at last.”


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