Attack on Titan: How to Beat Our Inner Beast


The first reaction I had watching this anime was, “Wait, so they only use swords to fight those giant man-eaters? And how they carry such heavy equipment while doing that cool spider grappling? And their uniform… oh so fancy!”

Before I decided to watch this anime, I thought I’d just give it one episode, but I ended up spending one night to watch five. The story is so intense and the plot is engrossing.

The theme of ‘humanity against dangerous creatures such as zombies or monsters’ might be common, but what ‘Attack on Titan’ offers is something rare.

In an alternate universe, all you know is giant creatures called Titans have appeared out of nowhere and assasinate human without reason.

The human built giant walls to protect themselves from those Titans. And the story is set in an era of a kingdom that resembles Europe’s, I guess before nuclear bomb is invented. Due to the Titans’ ability to regenerate rapidly, cannon and pistols are useless. So there’s only a sure way to kill them: by slicing out the nape of the back of the neck.

The main character, Eren Jaeger (If you have watched Pacific Rim, you may know that Jaeger or Jäger is the German word for “hunter”) vowed to kill all Titans after witnessing his own mother was eaten by one of them. He then joined the military corps along with his closed friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. After five years of training, his battle against the Titan begins.

Eren’s strong will and bravery is very moving. He was only ten years when he decided to join the army and nothing can stop him from taking his revenge. He doesn’t hesitate to call other people ‘coward’ because they can only hide behind the walls and scared of the Titans.


Somehow I feel that the creator of this story, Hajime Isayama, is trying to deliver a message that sometimes, human let their fear control them, and they build big walls to keep the titan called ‘life’ out of their sights. And they know nothing about outside world, yet they keep badmouthing about that. I guess the wall is like the internet and social media that keep us all out of the true meaning of life.

I guess that’s all I got so far about this anime, because I’m still on episode 17 and its second season’s been aired for months. So I need to watch them all to catch up and I’m sure a lot surprises awaiting me. I wish the creator wouldn’t kill my favorite characters, because this anime is gore and full of hot-blooded fights. I watched Game of Thrones and the only way to keep your mind steady is to prevent yourself from loving some characters, because it will hurt you so bad if they die.

Oh, and the fans are going crazy with the dreamy couple from this anime, and it’s Levi x Eren! Levi is the strongest soldier who has an abrasive and unapproachable personality. He is the captain of Survey Corps, and one of his duties is to protect and control Eren, who has the ability to turn into Titan. However, the relationship between Levi and Eren has droven many fanfics portraying them as a couple. And those fanfics are so kawaiii 😀

eren_and_levi_by_nilanandita-d67nf2v eren___levi_commission_by_zeushamilton-d6z2zwd

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6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan: How to Beat Our Inner Beast

      • I’m not really that into live action adaptations of manga, but there are a few that really impressed me. I’m hoping that this is one of them. I think it’ll be out next year.

  1. Hey, great review on Attack on Titan. I also just reviewed the manga and anime for Attack on Titan, also including the manga called Before the Fall, which takes place before the events of the original story. I still need to finish watching some of the episodes though.

    • Hey thanks a lot! Yeah I just finished watching the first season and I’m craving for some more!
      I never heard of ‘Before the Fall’, but I read that it’s a fan-fiction (correct me if i’m wrong).

      • Definitely.

        What I wrote on Before the Fall refers to the manga that by that title created by Satoshi Shiki, who is a manga artist but not the creator of the original Attack on Titan manga. I just looked it up and also I see that that Before the Fall (manga) is based on a “light novel spin-off” of the original Attack on Titan, which was written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Thores Shibamoto. I haven’t read that yet, but confusingly, as it is illustrated (not all light novels are), it sounds like there are two illustrated manga both called Before the Fall (lol). To add to the confusion typically they are released in asia first and re-released (sometimes with a different name or format) in English later. So for that matter I’m not sure if the light novel version is in English yet.

        Light novels are apparently typically geared toward a younger audience. However with Before the Fall I found it to be very similar in theme and content to the original Titan, very violent, and the artwork actually closely resembled it. If you want to get an idea the following website seems to have some scanned images of it:

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