The First Memory


What is the first memory of your childhood?

Mine was happened on a calm Sunday with fresh air. Me and my first crush sat together on a lawn, built a campfire using dry leaves, then tried to roast some yams we stole from a neighbor’s garden. I didn’t know what happened afterwards, but all I could see was her bright smile and her eyes were glossy like the dew on the grass.

I called her my first crush on my childhood because she literally ‘crushed’ me and made my nose bleed. I can’t remember what happened before that accident, maybe I teased her and shouted ‘Your hair looks like an old broom!’ Well, actually, her hair was long and black, and it turned red under sunlight. The first magical thing I’ve ever seen happened to a human body.

I cried and ran to my mom. When I told her what happened and asked her to punish that evil girl, she laughed, because she was talking to the mother of the girl I talked about.

Her mother said, “Instead of punishing her, why don’t you just kiss her?”

“What? She scratched my nose using her sharp nails! How can I kiss her?”

“Boy, don’t you remember? When you and her were too little to remember, I put you both in the tub for bath, and you seemed to enjoy it!”

I stopped talking and tried to remember that moment.

“I don’t remember it!” I heard a squeaky voice behind me. It was her. My first crush… and bath friend.

“Me too! You’re lying!” I responded quickly, driven by shame, I guess.

However, when I look back, her cheeks turned red.

A very beautiful red I could fly to the moon.

P.S.: For my first crush, wherever you are, I apologize for my lame poem. That’s all I could come up with in that age.


2 thoughts on “The First Memory

  1. I really like what you’re doing here. there seems to be a positive vibe! what to do as you do and show others how. Good luck! 🙂

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