Book Review: Thrive by Arianna Huffington – The importance of sleep vs resolutions


Arianna Huffington is one of cool employers that I’d like to work with, because I really enjoy reading her online news aggregator and blog, The Huffington Post. I can’t imagine her efforts to establish one of the most visited media on the Internet.It must be exhausting to develop the first online media that won Pulitzer Award.

However, eight years after the launch of the media, abbreviated HuffPost, she told everyone to loosen their works and get more sleep. In her new released book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life, she highlighted the importance of sleep for better work creativity and to make it easier prioritizing things.

I somewhat disagree with her about getting more sleep, because if she preferred to do so during her way to create HuffPost, I don’t think she could make it. I’m pretty sure she had to work against the clock to assure HuffPost being the first and perfect platform in online journalism era, or other hands would steal the moment.

In an interview with TIME, she called her exhausted past as pre-awakened state, when she would look under her desk and wish she could crawl down there and rest. In 2007, Huffington was working crazy, around-the-clock hours as editor-in-chief of the two-year-old Huffington Post, averaging four or five hours of sleep a night. She was also the mother of two daughters and had just returned from touring colleges with one of them when she collapsed from exhaustion in her home office, smashing her cheekbone on the corner of her desk. “I had to slow down and reevaluate the choices I was making,” she told Bloomberg last year. “The reality was I couldn’t do it all.”

After I read the article, I even thought that I should try work my fingers to the bone until I pass out, because sometimes I thought I did not give my best to make my dreams happen.

Since last year, my biological phase has been changed after I jump into journalism world. I had to shift my 8 to 5 office hours to more works at night and, however, less sleep at day. I certainly understand the consequences and I’d rather stay awake for hours doing something matched my passion, than thinking about quitting my current job everyday.

Until now, I still find it quite challenging to manage my sleeping habit. I often feel that my sleep duration is not enough to regain my energy for work. In order to cooperate with my work schedule, I must cut my sleep duration by about 5 to 6 hours per day.

And I have some resolutions this year, including posting everyday on this blog. That require a lot of sleepless nights, as my free time after work is usually over 8 pm.

Well, I guess sleep is always important, but I can’t sleep well unless I’ve done some progress so I could put some check marks on my list. Thank God I found useful tips on the Internet about how making everyday-checklist can help you to stay motivated and keep track and fulfill your resolutions.

I also still believe that every man’s dream worth a fight. A book titled “Negeri 5 Menara” (The Land of Five Towers) inspired me to ‘going extra miles’, do better than average person does. And it taught me that those who want glory, should work late at night.

At this moment, I choose to believe that I’ll reap what I sow and God, who never sleeps, knows how hard I try. I’m sure He will give us what we deserve based on our efforts.

However, ‘Thrive’ is still a great book written by one of the most influential women in the media. We must take a good care of our self during our struggling, because in this era, as Huffington says, we are so much more conscious about how charged our phones are versus how charged we are. We often forget that computers and gadgets are designed to work 24 hours, but human are not.

Well, this post is not like usual review, because it seems that I tried to compare my life and principle with Huffington :p. But I do hope this post will be considered a book review, because I plan on putting a review section on this blog, along different section everyday, such as movies, music, food, travel, or business articles even bonds and capital markets. I’ll try to make them fun and interesting to read. So, let’s stay awake at night and ‘Thrive’!



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