Ghibli and My Adulthood


Ghibli Parade by MadLibbs

I know I have ruined my #APostADayProject because I got a fever on the second day and I took a long rest. Even though I got better three days afterwards, I kept pretending that I was still sick and needed more rest. I should’ve not let my indolence took a grip on me.
Don’t worry, I won’t talk about excuses right now. I just want to share something that I had in my mind long before I wrote my last post. It’s about a cartoon from Japan, or commonly known as anime (it’s one of Japan’s first anime I think) that I really enjoyed watching to. And it’s not only about one anime, but some others but produced by the same studio: Ghibli.
Most of Ghibli Studio’s fans consider that its movies are part of their childhood. I’m totally agree with them, even though I’m a new fan of Ghibli, because when I was a boy I only heard about one of its movies, Grave of the Fireflies, but never had a chance to watch it.
I eventually got a chance to watch Ghibli’s films when I saw a picture of a giant rabbit-like ears character on a computer desktop of my colleague. I asked her, “What anime is this picture from?” and she answered, “It’s Totoro from Ghibli Studio.” Suddenly I remembered that I was looking for the studio’s film in my childhood and asked her if she had its films. Apparently she is an avid fan of Ghibli and I really thank her because she has a complete collection of the films! Yay!
The first movie I watched was ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ and I found that the story was different than what I expected when I first heard about it. When I was a kid I thought that the film told a story about a boy and his little sister going into a delightful adventure. I was dead wrong. The story is about a 14-year-old boy named Seita and his younger sister Setsuko who lost their parents after the Allied Forces bombed cities of Japan in 1945, and they have to survive in the middle of war and devastated circumstance. Well, Grave of the Fireflies is definitely not a suitable film for my childhood, but watching it makes me sad because I can feel how those kids suffered during those turbulent times.
Then I watched ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ and it was a pleasant time for me watching the two girls were happy to move in a new house in a beautiful village. What I love the most was the film portrays the girls as cheerful, fearless and adventurous. Even though the story is simple, about two girls found a cute and magical creature named Totoro and having an adventure in the village, I really enjoyed it. If I were a friend of them, I would definitely go to their house and hopping to Totoro’s big and furry tummy.
However, my most favorite Ghibli movie is ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’. I think I have a connection to the film because it was released in 1989, the year when I was born. It might sound ridiculous but I really feel that Kiki resembles me, especially because she is a witch and magic is an ability I deeply want to have. She has a black cat named Jiji and I have a deep fondness of cats. And what about the story? Traditionally, witches live alone for a year when they reach the age of 13. Kiki must leave her hometown to find a new town which she can live in by herself and help surrounding people with her power. Then she discovers the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen (in anime world) a small port town with many dashing old buildings and beautiful beach. Oh it has a cool big clock tower too, like the Big Ben Tower in England! But why there is something about delivery service on the title of the film? You have to watch it to find out 🙂


Image from
One of the best scene from the film is when Kiki lose her magic because she was sad knowing her charming friend, Tombo, was befriend with a girl she doesn’t like. Off course Kiki has a respected reason for that and the girl deserves the hate from everybody. Anyway, Kiki eventually manages to solve her problem with a help of a friend, and the most important thing she learns is everyone should take a moment of silence and take a moment to enjoy their live to the fullest whenever problems block their ways. Because everyone deserves to live happily and freely. And when you really find yourself and what your purpose in life is, you will be able to regain your power.
I really love Kiki’s Delivery Service I can’t even feel the same joy and excitement I got from watching it when I move on to other Ghibli’s films – although all of its films are damn good, such as my second favorite Spirited Away.
However, no matter which film I favorite the most from Ghibli Studio, I think that its films are awesome, with lovable characters — even the bad ones (because strangely I couldn’t find a character with pure evil) and engrossing stories which will arouse our childhood imagination.
Anyway, it’s been a sad news for Ghibli’s fans around the world since Hayao Miyazaki, one of the studio’s founders and also a brilliant director, decided to retire this year. And I’m dying to see his last film with Ghibli, The Wind Rises. Thank you for making those great films and I wish you enjoy your retirement, Miyazaki-sama!
And Thanks God I finally able to finish this post. I really hope I could meet other Ghibli Studio’s fans and share experiences and joys we got from watching its films. Feel free to leave your comment here if you want to talk more about Ghibli with me and I hope you will be happy as much as I am to have the conversation.


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