Not only to survive, cause it’s all so close


(I got the image from here:

The recent days of my life felt like living in a zombie apocalypse. Or so I thought because I have watched Walking Dead the series. I went home usually at the midnight, tried to write a blog post that I never finished as I made some excuses mostly about worrying my health.

However, it might be the zombie apocalypse that I face right now. I don’t know why, but all I know is I have to survive. Is that what the whole characters do? Only surviving or you can be eaten by those heartless zombies?

Everyday, I make a list of weapons to conquer the world, but only in my mind. Lately I’ve realized that I can’t do that. I have to fight first. I have to jump into the field full of zombies, and do as best as I can, to prevent my brain to be sucked like a chicken porridge for their breakfast.

But only surviving will make you crazy. I need to do more. Instead of winning many battles, I have to find a shelter, where I can lay, play old school Super Mario Bros and read Murakami’s books while shooting those bastards with my Remington Magnum – or the simple name, long distance gun.

The easiest thing to do is simplifying things. I do have choice. I don’t need to wait for every help, or beg for any mercy from the guys next door. I only need to change my television serial, from a dramatic soap opera (with additional zombies) to a fun game, Plants vs Zombies.


(I got the picture from here:

With dozens of plants with various offensive, defensive, and production capabilities covering my yard, I will not worry anymore. I can use such as assortment of abilities and resource demands; half of my battle is just picking effective weapons. No need to run anymore. The array of choices means I can customize my strategy and confront the undead on my own teams.

Can’t run away because it’s all so close. Let’s find some great plants!


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