Review: Rough by Adachi Mitsuru


Rough. Sketchy. Rude. In golf, the weed marking the outside of the fairway. An uneven surface. A road that isn’t flat. As you see, it has different meanings. “Rough Design is another. No matter how beautiful a painting, it always start with a rough draft. In other words, you. You’re still in the draft stage. You will add on line after line, redo the drafts, and from among them choose the one line for yourselves.

It’s time for a review. I know I said I love ‘self-development books when I have interviewed about what kind of books I read. Well, it’s just my trick to… fix my vision with the company. I’ll never say that I love comic books, especially manga (japan comic) so badly!

Adachi Mitsuru is one of my favourite manga artist, after Fujiko F. Fujio (who doesn’t know Doraemon?). I usually don’t like sport theme manga (you know, I love magic, not sport!) but Adachi’s style amazed me. He is a writer of “delightful dialogue”, a genius at portraying everyday life, and “the greatest pure storyteller”. I truly admit I don’t read all of his manga, such as H2 and Touch! which were his big hit. But his style of drawing and present a reality is over the top.

Adachi sensei’s Rough is the best from him, I think. It’s about high school love, and one thing I love the most: swimming. The story is about high school student Keisuke Yamato, a 100 m freestyle swimmer, and Ami Ninomiya, the diver he falls in love with. Their families own rival confectionery stores, and Ami hates Keisuke’s family because she believes her grandfather was driven to an early death because of the Yamato “horned owl” manju (japan’s  traditional cake), which outsold her family’s owl manju because it had ears, making it larger. Call me weird, but I read ‘Rough’ in a swimming pool, just to feel more about the story. I don’t mean reading while swimming, haha.

And this manga, like the other I fell in love with, stir me to another dream: the best swimmer. I’d like to have Keisuke’s ripped body and his swimming skill. Also his popularity. Well, like fairytales, manga world offer many interesting life. You can be a doctor, detective, even a comic writer could has an amazing life with his deadline (it’s Comic Bomber by Kazuhiko Shimamoto). But for me, Adachi’s manga world seems so real. The connection between two center character, Keisuke and Ami is unique, they’re not a rival, and they seem confious about their feelings. No dramatic words in these dialogue, just simple words but meaningful. Sensei Adachi Mitsuru, I really want to live in your manga world, especially Rough.


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