My Investing for Gratitude

Nah, I miss writing in this blog. Sorry I ignored you so long, bloggy *kiss and hug*. I’ve been through, I’ve gotta say, the most crucial moment in my life. I know it’s a drama thingy, but I learn a lot from my journey here, in this big unstable city. I push myself to survive, and give my best. And now one step closer to reach my dream, being a- can I say ‘classy’- journalist.

I feel boring to tell you about my chasing dream journey. Now, I just wanna share some interesting things that made me hectic. Money. Haha, I fall in love with Weekender magazine that talk about Money. A column wrote by Sondang Grace Sirait has directly catch my eyes: Fool rush In. She said, “Making money work in my favor is one thing, but don’t tell me I can be billionaire in no time, just by attending a four hour seminar ao reading self-help motivational books”. I’m so excited to write her quotes about money.

“True, we live in a society that admires success and swift results. But when it comes to money, saving means wisdom and frugality is key. As for investment, do it your way but be smart.”

“ Whatever comes quickly, goes away quickly. It’s like cramming for a test the night before. It will save you from failing, but won’t make you smart. Worse, you will probably forget everything you memorized as soon as the exam is over.”

And then I move to another interview column with another great businesswoman. The question is “What does money mean to you?” And her answer is fabulous. “Money isn’t everything and I don’t want to be enslaved by it. I always think that the money I earn must work for me, and not the other way around. This is the only way I know to achieve financial freedom.”

Well, smart lady, you’ve changed my point about money, so thankies J

The next interesting column is Reflections: “Investing Gratitude.” Hehe, it reminds me of my mistake, the turbulent events in my life, simply because of my ungratefulness. Please god, save me and bless me.

Anyway, I’m so grateful I found a lot of interesting and creative video on youtube. And this moment I’ve addicted with Wong Fu Production. It’s a youtube channel that shares short movie, especially. The crew and talent are mostly Asian, I think they’re American-Asian, because they speak English Fluently. My favorites are The Last, Strangers, Again, Shell, etc. I just can’t get enough! They just made me realize that inspiration comes everywhere, even in small details in life. They’re so brilliant and creative.

Oh, and the soundtrack also great. I fell in love with David Choi music, those songs are so ear-catching! But I can’t buy his album in I-tunes, sorry David, You know, I’m unemployed right now, so can I get your great songs for free? Hehe, I wish you can send me an I-Pod filled with your tracks. Okay, I’m going crazy, I love your song, That Girl, So Weightless, etc.


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