Simplicity Heals

GambarHappy Street by Leonidafremov

Well, I just read some blog about simplifying our life. That would make us to stay focus and keep our priorities in line. I’ve been worried about what I have to do in this nowhere place. But the blog taught me to make this non comfort zone my home, take a deep breath, and walk and run with my freak body, yeah I feel much better.

The blog also taught me how to enjoy what I have. Yes I have gorgeous mom who always supported me and I’ll never let her down. Also some friends who always wait for me to grow, reach my dream, and celebrating that with me. So, I think I don’t have to be worry, just keep running and chasing my dream.


Old Town square by Oraichu

Therefore, let’s play a game, about surviving in this Land of Nowhere, and you all will see that I survive and get the gold digger. Let’s take a lot of pictures, write a terrific story about believing yourself, smile everyday, hang out with friends, and never give up. Because problem, no matter how big you are, I have my Glorious God. You’ll never walk alone 🙂


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