Stories that Passed Away


One thing that makes me want to go back to my high school times is to remember that I was very productive in writing. I can not stay in the room all day, writing stories and drawing comics. Even I could write a book of fairy tales that time. Now, the books of my work was lost some where. I miss when my imagination can fly freely, and for some reason I can write it directly without any hitch. Maybe now my biggest obstacle is the internet. No, I believe that laziness is the main thing.

I used to make these stories no matter what happens in my personal life. I was so professional time, in writing stories and drawing comics, I’ve not even bother passing the test simply because I was busy writing a fantasy story. I feel alive and I am happy to be anti-mainstream. Now I am so easily influenced to imitate things that I think is cool, that could make me watched by people, something that might make me get money. But it actually destroys the consistency of my writing. I made ​​a lot of blogs, and no one survived because I am easily attracted to new things. If I could consistently wrote, maybe I can produce a lot of work and telling the world my stories.

I’ve often made ​​promises to create new works. And I realized, I am happy to make promises, not stories. I want to go back to high school.

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